Social interaction, understanding others, and cooperation are important skills for preschoolers to develop. As parents, we can demonstrate these traits by participating in a cooperative preschool. We believe that children and their parents must be accepted as they are. Each child and each parent make a special contribution according to his or her own needs, interests, and abilities.

The participation in the classroom and with other parents fosters a strong sense of community, a rich and varied educational curriculum, and a safe and stimulating environment for preschoolers

Meet Our Teacher

Nancy Solares is an experienced educator who holds a Early Education Teaching Credential. She participated in North Hills Co-Op as a parent with her own children before becoming our teacher several years ago. 

What is a Cooperative Nursery School?

10341 Woodley Ave. Granada Hills CA 91344

North Hill Co-Op is a non-profit school. It is run by an elected board made up of parents of students who are currently enrolled. Nancy Solares is our teacher/director. We are a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. 

The school is located on the grounds of the Woodley Avenue Baptist Church, however, has no affiliations to any religion. 

Under the guidance of our professional teacher, parents work in the classroom one morning a week. Parents also regularly participate at all levels of the school, ranging from the administration and operations, to maintenance of the facility, to leading small groups in the classroom. 

North Hills Co-Op is a nut free school 

Our Mission: At North Hills Co-Operative Nursery School, we believe that a child's first introduction to education is greatly enhanced when families are involved. The nurturing and supportive home environment extends into the classroom and brings a warmth and community that other preschools simply cannot offer. When a child shares their preschool experience with family, life-long learning is modeled and encouraged.

North Hills Cooperative Nursery School