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​​North Hills Cooperative  preschool est. 1963

Under the guidance of our professional teacher, parents work in the classroom one morning a week. Parents also regularly participate at all levels of the school, ranging from the administration and operations, to maintenance of the facility, to leading small groups in the classroom.

​The participation in the classroom and with other parents fosters a strong sense of community, a rich and varied educational curriculum, and a safe and stimulating environment for preschoolers 

​Social interaction, understanding others, and cooperation are important skills for preschoolers to develop. As parents, we can demonstrate these traits by participating in a cooperative preschool. We believe that children and their parents must be accepted as they are. Each child and each parent make a special contribution according to his or her own needs, interests, and abilities.

10341 Woodley Ave. Granada Hills CA 91344 


Benefits of a Co-op

For you, North Hills Co-op offers an opportunity to:

  • remain involved with your child's development
  • gain a greater understanding of your child's abilities, personality, and social development
  • meet other involved parents
  • share your talents and abilities in an important, fulfilling way.

For your child, North Hills Co-op is a nurturing environment where he or she can:

  • develop at his or her own rate
  • learn tolerance and cooperation
  • learn independence and self confidence
  • play freely, constructively and creatively
  • develop social skills
  • enjoy relationships with adults other than his or her parents

why you should join our co-op?